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Microlink FAQs

What are Microlinks?

Microlinks are small beads that are used to attach hair extensions to your natural hair. The beads are very small yet have enough space to adequately hold clients’ natural hair and hair extensions in place. We use volume weft hair extensions and I-tips hair extensions with this method. Volume weft hair extensions are natural raw extensions sewn to a weft, often referred to as raw bundle hair. I-tip hair extensions are natural raw extensions applied in a strand by strand method to clients’ natural hair.  Sometimes thread is used to reinforce beads based on hair type. 


How long does Microlinks install take?

Microlinks installs take approximately three to six hours depending on the density of your natural hair and the type of hair extensions used. 


Do Microlinks blend with my natural hair or will I need a relaxer?

We do NOT apply Microlinks to relaxed hair. We will blend natural hair flawlessly without the use of a chemical relaxer. If you  have previously relaxed hair we suggest waiting until you have at least four to five inches of unrelaxed new growth. 

How long do Microlinks last? How often will I need to come into the salon for maintenance? 

    Microlinks will last approximately 12 weeks following recommended salon maintenance schedule. You will be expected to come into the salon biweekly for shampoo & style or retighten sessions. We will analyze bead placement and treat scalp conditions. We will also address any concerns you may be having with your Microlinks Install.

    What makes Microlinks different from other hair extension installs? 

      Microlinks are lightweight, versatile and less detectable than braids in a sewn installation. Microlinks do not require the use of any bonding glue as used in a traditional quick weave. Microlinks are only applied to healthy hair that can support a 12 week cycle of beaded hair extensions. 

      Will Microlinks damage my hair? 

        We take every precaution necessary to prevent any damage to your natural hair. We educate each client individually on the importance of adhering to a biweekly maintenance schedule. Microlinks isn’t considered a protective style but it does allow your scalp to receive air flow which promotes healthy circulation. Microlinks also allow for clients to oil their scalp regularly in efforts to promote comfort and hair growth.

        How much does Microlinks Install cost? Is hair included? 

          The starting cost of Microlinks is $855, price varies based on individual consultation. Install includes up to 12 ounces of Raw Indian weft or I-tip hair, up to 22 inches in length. Additional hair bundles, longer lengths, or custom colored bundles can be provided at an additional cost.  

          Is a Microlinks Consultation a requirement for Microlinks Install?

            We strongly recommend a thorough in-person consultation prior to install to achieve the most favorable results. In a consultation, clients’ hair is thoroughly analyzed and recommendations are provided based on lifestyle, maintenance commitment and three hair phases; condition of hair when it is wet, blow-dried and silk-out. We offer virtual consults which would allow a client to submit pictures in lieu of an in-person visit. We also offer same-day consultations for same-day installs but clients must prepare for the possibility of not receiving an install if hair is deemed unfit during same-day consultation. 

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